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The Free Speech Zone (Redux) from kasumi on Vimeo.


The veneer of American democracy twitches in its final death throes as the Church of Bush Rove Cheney, Inc. relentlessly jam their flag-waving religious sloganeering and invocation of god-like superiority down the throats of an uneducated, uninsured, uninformed public.
“We are the supreme race! We have the supreme weapons!”
Street protesters wishing to demonstrate against the zealotry of the Masters of Mendacity and Manipulation are confined – literally - to caged areas, euphemistically named “free speech zones” out of sight and earshot of average Americans who are “guarded” from the truth by the state controlled media.
“They won’t win. They cannot win against the symbol of Christ!”
With ruthless calculation and Machiavellian logic, the Republican Princes of Power and Privilege have crafted a permanent war economy in order to provide welfare for the wealthy.
“It is the one and only way to maintain the supreme race!”
A fusion of multi-layered polyphonic sampling, heavy, relentless beats, and scorching satire, “The Free Speech Zone”, a psychedelic Dada/techno opera, is a scathing condemnation of the American government’s quest for world domination through unrelenting mind control.
“Thank you, and welcome to the apocalypse.”
On DVD: splitfilmfestival.hr/arhive/2007/shorts/kasumi.htm

FSZ is part of the permanent collection of the House of Peace and Human Rights (sansebastian.org/casadelapaz)
San Sebastian, Spain


Song Title: The Free Speech Zone
Music Artist: Kasumi
Completion and Release Year: 2004
Song Title: 5 Star Murder
Label: High Five Metal Records
Music Artist: At Wit’s End
Completion and Release Year: 2003
Song Title: Bring It On
Music Artist: Jerry Miller
Label: Zone Music, Inc.
Completion and Release Date: 2003
Director: Kasumi
Production Company: Kasumifilms
Editorial and Post Production: Kasumifilms

Sapporo International Short Film Festival: First Prize Best Experimental, 2006
Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival
Nemo Festival, Paris, France - organised by Thecif - Region Ile de France, in association with le Forum des Images (Paris 1er) and Reperages magazine. 2004
Festival des Cinémas Différents de Paris, 2004
Rome International Film Festival 2004
Athens International Film Festival, 2004
12th International Art Film Festival, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, June, 2004
Seoul Net & Film Festival, Seoul, South Korea, July 2004
AFO (Academia Film Olomouc) Czech Republic, October 2004
Antimatter Festival of Underground Short Film and Video, Victoria, BC 2005
Madcat, San Francisco 2004
International Experimental Film Festival “Carbunari 2004”, MUZEUL FLOREAN, Baia Mare, ROMANIA
Continental Drift Film Festival, Canada
Kinofilm International Film and Video festival, Manchester, UK

For a complete list of screenings:

La Zona del Discurso Libre
La Zone du Discours Libre
Die Zone der Freien Rede
Zóna slobody slova
La Zona di Discorso Libero
A Zona do discurso Livre

溺死 (The Drowning) from kasumi on Vimeo.

In “The Drowning,” I wanted to explore the impressions running through a man’s mind in the moments before his death: the sensation of time slowing down, of heightened bodily perceptions, and the simultaneous unreeling of an internal cinema of images — seemingly unrelated – that create an unconscious narrative of personal history and emotion. The story in his head changes in the last seconds as the oxygen-deprived brain starts shutting down, speeding faster and faster, turning into a surreal, psychedelic collage of colors and primary symbols, the foundations of learned experience reduced to their individual blocks of information, electrified and dispersing like split atoms or dying stars.

Qu’est-ce qui traverse votre esprit dans la langueur des derniers moments de votre vie ? Ce film constitue une élégie à la mort venue d’un autre monde, où mémoire et sensation s’entremêlent dans une lutte sans merci, placée sous la voute étoilée, aux relents oniriques, d’insaisissables galaxies dont le perpétuel mouvement jaillit tel un parcours visuel sans fin.


Image/sound: Kasumi
Dancer: Chan U Hong

3 video channels, 6 audio channels installation

The Drowning is a screening version of my work “MO-SO,” an EMPAC DANCE MOViES Commission 2009-2010, supported by the Jaffe Fund for Experimental Media and Performing Arts, Experimental Media and Performing Arts, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.

SHOCKWAVES teaser from kasumi on Vimeo.

A man’s fragmented childhood memories plant the seeds of his own destruction on a surrealistic journey exploring the lasting nature of abusive power.

Infinite Jest, a cinematic assemblage (excerpt) from kasumi on Vimeo.

Infinite Jest takes the visual and auditory components of our culture and reconstitutes them not as the products of the entertainment industry, but as bold representations of human persistence and joy within a dying universe.

I distill and extract bits and pieces of moving images from vast, largely unexploited film archives, the detritus of our movie culture. This compendium of gestures and actions are then refined and deployed, each piece for use as an individual unit of visual and auditory meaning, the “words” of the language of moving images.

Like memory and dreams, the images in “Infinite Jest” - full of myth and symbol - seem to flicker through the mind: slightly disjointed, other-worldly, conveying not so much factual truth as the resonance of perception, the depth and irrationality of feeling. Speaking its own visual language, Infinite Jest map guides our culture’s quest to transcend death.


My heaves will thunder the earth with the hooves of feral mad hysteric horses who neigh divine insanity into the canyons of hollow hallowed hearts.


"I muddle in mandrake moodiness…Prophetam Istam am I, the delinquent nun who endangers the church fathers with hysterical paroxysm, writhing on the floorboards before the altar. (I once had a dream of exactly this). I am the crazed Cassandra moaning at the gates of the fall of Troy and shrieking at the hounds of blood in my hallucinations. I am Ophelia resurrected, ripping off the straight jacket on the black and white checkered court of kings. Sailor on the ship of fools am I, expatriot of the Vatican where I was the only Cardinal with menses true to my scarlet robes." —from THE FOOL’S RIDDLE by Jocelyn Woods

Image ©2013 Jocelyn Woods


"And as a widow disguised, weep

a designated mourner

on an isle of ice.”

© 2014 Jocelyn Woods, All Rights Reserved



I feed dew unto the vipers at dawn And docile they come to the Time Traveller Such are wishes sown into the mouths of babes.

© 2014 Jocelyn Woods, All Rights Reserved


"Nothing holds me. Let me say that I myself have torn myself to shreds."

Marina Abramovic on Rhythm 0 (1974) from Marina Abramovic Institute on Vimeo.

Back the MAI Kickstarter Here: kck.st/15kYWJe
Directed, Produced, and Edited by Milica Zec


One of my favorites. Happy birthday e. e. cummings.

Get Lucky - Daughter (Daft Punk cover) by Octavia Willaert

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